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Your very own masterpiece

A beautifully designed home that reflects your style and is a perfect blend of aesthetics and practicality is a masterpiece in itself. Like the different effects of light on the same building, every individual infuses their homes creating a strong impression of their taste and lifestyle.

At Amulya Valais, we understand this very well and to facilitate your excellent impression, we have designed these villas for you to choose from.

Your very own world

It’s those little details that distinguish a masterpiece from a regular artwork. The facilities that make Valais special so you can revel in the freedom to live your life exactly the way you want to include:

Private Garden & Backyard Area: Go ahead and indulge your green thumb. The space provides the perfect ground for crafting natural masterpieces of your own.

Exclusivity: With only 25 villas in the gated community, you are assured of a neighbourhood that’s exactly what you wish it to be – surrounded by a handful of neighbours who share your aspirations and values.

Clubhouse: The warm and inviting ambience at the club house extends a sense of well being and augurs for a healthy lifestyle. Overlooking the swimming pool, the club house is ideal for socializing and networking.

Swimming Pool | Pool Table | Gymnasium | Multi-purpose Hall | Home Theatre
Recharge your body and refresh your mind while enjoying the unobstructed facilities of your very own Swimming Pool and the Clubhouse.

Your lifestyle at Valais is a class apart

A perfect masterpiece – an ideal blend of exquisite craftsmanship and practical application, Valais provides you the Luxury of Living in a piece of paradise that perfectly expresses its prestigious style in picturesque homes.

All the villas in Valais are premium 4 bedroom ones with a private garden, spacious backyard, 2-car park and have the best quality of construction, premium fittings and specifications. Valais, offering you charming luxury, comfort, space, and of course - uncompromised quality.

Valais offers you everything you always wanted and more...

  • Discover a different and fascinating Home of Substance – the finest home at Valais.
  • The vivacious and scintillating Valais makes you fall in love.
  • Your search for the most exquisite living space - a passionate and lifelong fascination ends at Valais.